Stop Complaining About Rising Cost Per Clicks

PPC managers often complain about the rising cost of clicks, also known as CPC. This narrow metric focus never made sense to me and, here’s why. The Cost-Per-Acquisition of an ad/keyword is measured in dollars per conversion, and the conversion rate is measured in conversion per click. By multiplying these metrics together, we can actually determine our […]

Easy PPC Ad Testing Tool

When it comes to testing ad copy in PPC advertising there are many schools of thoughts, and rules of thumb that are mentioned. However, in my experience, every decision must be verified and backed-up by pure mathematical reasoning. Which is why I created this handy tool in excel.  Simply plug in the numbers of your […]

5 Easy Steps To Start Building Links

When it comes to link building starting with your competitors is usually a good start. You usually get a lot of great information about your competitors, and it isn’t always just about links. However, getting the most out of your analysis can get daunting if you don’t have an organized process. Here is my process […]

Google Doc Keyword Rank Checker

Google Doc’s are a really cool tool, and you can do so much with them. Especially, with the Google Doc Spreadsheets. You can create an article re-marketing tool that posts to all of your social networks, you can scrape websites, and you can check your keyword ranks on Google. So, I built a handy little […]

How To Get High Page Rank YouTube Links

Believe it or not comment links on YouTube channels are do-follow links back to the commentor’s YouTube channels. In addition, YouTube channels can gain their own PageRank. On top of that, the website link in a YouTube Channel is also a do-follow link back to your main website. Meaning, if you can get a high […]

Setup Remarketing On Your YouTube Channel

Since YouTube is now the second largest search engine, right behind Google, its even more important to make sure you’re showing up in YouTube searches. However, a lot of businesses still don’t have a YouTube channel. Its hard for a lot of businesses to justify the investment needed to create the content for a proper […]