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How To Get Any Facebook Ad Approved

How To Get Any Facebook Ad Approved & Get Cheaper Cost Per Click If you play in the Facebook Ads environment you know how hard it can be to get an ad approved, and depending on your industry it can become a real headache. You can spend hours just trying to get an ad approved. […]

How Much To Spend on PPC Advertising

I am often asked how much I should be spending on PPC. It’s a common question, and the answer can easily be determined based on a very common model called the square root rule (or Penrose method if you’re a really big geek). This can rule can be applied in PPC advertising to determine the […]

Obama’s Missed Opportunities in Internet Marketing

I was reading an article this morning about the most recent scandals plaguing the Romney campaign. Specifically, this Bermuda trust debacle that has hit the headlines in the last 48 hours. Apparently, Romney had setup some sort of corporation/blind trust in Bermuda, right before he was sworn in as Governor of Massachusetts. The press is having a field day with […]

How To Build A Link Network That Works

How to build a quick and easy blog network that provides a never ending supply of backlinks and Search engine indexing power. Planning Ahead Despite the confusing diagram above (which I’ll explain more later) Blog Networks are a simply concept at heart. You just need to know the right way to build them and use […]

How To Optimize Pay Per Click Cost Per Aquisition

Any decent Pay Per Click manager knows that having a campaign targeting brand terms has many benefits for many different reasons. Brand PPC campaigns protect your brand keywords from competitors, funnel traffic to the best landing pages, and provides your account’s cost per acquisition efficiencies that wouldn’t exist with non-brand only searches. Providing efficiencies in the cost per […]

How to start an SEO campaign in a Competitive Niche

In my experience a lot of link hustle, and some good on-site SEO work can get you really far in a low to medium competition niche. However, in a higher competitive niche, abusing your way into the low hanging links from the usual suspects, Free Blogs Web 2.0 sites Article Directory RSS Directory Web Directories Social Sites […]

The Top Six PPC Ad Templates

After writing PPC ad copy for the last several years, I came upon the realization that I have started to write my ad copy into six different types of templates. After going back into all of my current PPC accounts I was able to confirm that these six templates were the best performing ads, when […]

New Adwords Search Term Match Type Segment

I recently discovered a new segment that seemed to appear in Adwords almost overnight. The segment is called “Search term match types”, and can be found in the drop down Segment menu in the keyword view: Personally, I think this is great. You are now able to see how often your broad and phrase keywords […]

Basic PPC Optimization Schedule

Pay per click marketing is a dynamic traffic channel, and no two accounts are alike. Each PPC account deals with unique competitors, bidding strategies, and key performance indicators. It’s near impossible, and not very efficient, to place a standard schedule of optimization tasks across all PPC accounts. However, all PPC accounts have the same kind […]