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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Google Adwords

Google AdWords is a great platform for getting your online business off to a good start.​ As a marketer, you might be tempted to ignore paid ads and just focus on creating great content. However, you might get the best results if you focus on both organic and paid search traffic. Many customers with buying […]

Profitable Facebook Dating Ads

Facebook has been the envy of most dating affiliates due to their high traffic volume and precise targeting abilities, which lends itself so well to the dating industry. However, since the February 2014, Facebook put the “kobash” on any ads promoting dating. Which I was interviewed for at Business Insider, Most dating affiliates walked away […]

Buying SEO Visibility with Facebook Ads

Links Are Dead, Long Live Google+ Back in 2011 when Google+ debuted, the Adwords Blog said something very unusual that I think a lot of people missed: “+1s will be one of the many signals we use to calculate organic search ranking” hmmmm…. Too bad no one uses Google+! But, what if I could get […]