Profitable Facebook Dating Ads

Facebook has been the envy of most dating affiliates due to their high traffic volume and precise targeting abilities, which lends itself so well to the dating industry. However, since the February 2014, Facebook put the “kobash” on any ads promoting dating. Which I was interviewed for at Business Insider,

Most dating affiliates walked away but, the small minority rolled up their sleeves and developed new strategies. When it comes to developing a profitable Facebook campaign with a dating offer, you need three things.

First, you need a legit Facebook ad manager, which should be tied to an aged and verified Facebook account. These accounts can usually be purchased for around $25 from a friendly guy in Bangladesh. IM for details. Once you get your new Facebook account setup, make sure you don’t use a credit card that was associated with a previously banned Facebook account.

Once you’ve got a verified and approved ad manager, you need to get a link cloaker to hide your true non-compliant dating landing pages from the Facebook Policy team. This is where a tool like, comes into play. WPCloaker will keep the Facebook Ad team from seeing your real landing page, and get your ads approved with little to no issue. Its a great tool, and necessary to make this channel viable for your dating campaign.

The last and most important piece of the Facebook campaign puzzle are your ads and targeting. You need to create ads that aren’t outwardly “dating” but, are clever and eye catching enough to attract the right audience and get a solid click thru rate. You also need to target the right people, and with Facebook’s deep interest and demographic targeting the options are endless.

Here are the elements of one of the most profitable Facebook campaigns I have running:


  • Creative: Age of the female in the picture is different than the demographic targeted. Meaning, if you are targeting 30-45 year old males, a 18 year old female’s picture gets better results. Also, using amateur creative looks more real, and less like an ad.
  • Pictures of women: Don’t show cleavage, it will be disapproved. Pictures of tan women get better CTR than normal complexion.
  • Pictures of men: Pictures of men wearing a hat, from the shoulders up, get the best conversion rates. I have no idea.


  • Use first person copy: The benefit of this is two fold. One, the amateur creative matches the first person copy. It looks like a real person, and sounds like a real person. Which, coincidentally, sounds similar to this new Facebook Dating idea, The second benefit, Facebook policy doesn’t come down as hard on these type of ads. Your guess is as good as mine but, the disapproval rate on a branded dating ad opposed to a first person copy ad, is over 75% higher.
  • In the first person copy, use specifics. “I’m 28 years old”, “I’m single in Seattle”, “Single 27 Year Old Minnesotan”. By coupling your first person copy with your targeting, you can double even triple click thru rates.
So in conclusion, a profitable dating campaign on Facebook requires; a clean and approved Facebook Ad Manager, cloaking software to get by Ad Policy, and well targeted and developed Facebook Ads.