How To Find The Holes in Your Competitors Adwords Campaigns

Every Adwords account has its holes and finding out where your competitors’ Adwords gaps lay can be very advantages to the success of your campaign. Using the adwords feature, Auction Insights, you can determine when and where your competitors are falling short.

Here is one trick on figuring out when your competitor are more aggressive and when your competitors are bad at managing their budgets. Isolate the keywords in your Adwords account that hold the highest value to the accounts ROI. Select the keywords in the Adwords interface, and using the details dropdown, select the “auction insights” tab.
The resulting report should look something like this:

For the purpose of trying to figure out when your competitors are more aggressive and when they exhaust budget, we are going to focus on impression share for this report. In addition, we’ll pull data three days at a time over three months. You’ll download all of this into an excel doc which should look like this:

You’ll want to add additional columns to the end of the report for “date range”, month, and cycle. After you’ve downloaded all of your 3 day time period reports and and copied and pasted them with the date range, month, and cycle. Your report should look like this:

By using a pivot table on this data you can pull some interesting data that will give you some insight into how your competitor is actually managing their spend. Take for example this competitor:

Their impression share drops to 0% the last three days of the month. Use this to your advantage, and learn from their mistakes.

This report can be used across several different metrics bids, top of page, overlap rate, etc.