Easy Data Mining Tool To Find Your Next Brand Evangelist

Use This Data Mining Tool To Find Your Next Brand Ambassador

Developing a brand evangelist can be a great way to generate some organic marketing for your product. However, it can be extremely difficult to cultivate a relationship like that. Where do you start? Who do you approach? What makes a good brand evangelist?

The best way to start is by looking at your current customer base, and specifically at your customers social activity. Using social API tools you can investigate which of your customers have a large following and are actively cultivating an audience of their own.

Here is How You Can Tap Into That Data

A company called fullcontact.com, which is a contact management software on steroids, has a very cool developer API. Using this developer API, you are able to generate a list of social accounts & metrics based on their email address, phone number, Twitter handle, or Facebook ID. Providing us with all of this information:

Twitter profile URL
Twitter Bio
Twitter Followers
Twitter Users Followed
Facebook profile URL
Linkedin Public Profile URL
Google+ profile URL
Google+ User ID
Google+ Username
Klout score
YouTube user profile URL…and much much more.
Using some excel macros and vb script we can interact with the API in an excel document, download here.

Here is How You Do This:
1.)  Get a list of customer emails
3.) Get an API developer code here, http://www.fullcontact.com/developer/person-api/
4.) Enter it into the 1st tab of the Excel document
5.) Paste your emails into the “InputSheet” tab.
6.) Press the “Populate Contacts” button in the first tab of the Excel document.
7.) Watch this Cat video, don’t touch anything in the document, cause this is going to take a 


8.) Once the report finished you should see something like this

you should get about 60% of contacts filled on average.
7.) Copy all of the Twitter profile ID’s into a separate tab.
8.) Using =XPathOnUrl, pull of the listed websites and followers per Twitter profile url. 

if the twitter profile url is in column A enter this formula in column B
and enter this formula into column C for follower numbers

Step 9.) Pull Domain Authority of Sites
Use this outreachr.com website to pull the domain authority of all the websites.

Now, you have a list of people who use your product, their email, their twitter account, their

website, and their domain authority.

From here you can identify your most influential users based on their domain authority and 

twitter followers.