Get Backlinks By Targeting Journalists In Facebook Ads

We all know that outreach is the most time consuming part of link building but, can have the biggest reward if you can nail that one media source or website editor.

I had a client spending $1,000 a month in a Vocus membership, which if you don’t what that is, is basically a Press Release distribution service to the top media outlets. We definitely had some good results, such as being featured in a couple major newspapers. But, those occurrences could be counted on one hand.

I was tasked with decreasing the operating costs of the marketing department, and I decided to start with decreasing our spend with Vocus. I decided that I would take on the task of distributing our content to the media outlets. After review the list of media outlets in the Vocus database, I realized that none of our real niche target content sources were on the vocus list. Sure, the New York Times was there but, what about the Mom Blogger I’ve been trying to get some traction with, or the local newspaper I wanted to get some link love from.

We switched from writing content for the Vocus template and pivoted to writing content for our blog, which required no additional investment or time. From there I created my target list of news sources for getting my content syndicated.

For each newsource I created a Facebook Ad Campaign. The key was to speak directly to your target audience, make them realize you were targeting them specifically.

“ATTENTION: TechCrunch Writer”
“Looking For Your Next Story?”

I took it a step further, and gathered the emails of the journalists I wanted to make contact with, and started a “Custom Audience” Facebook Ad campaign targeting just those users in Facebook.

The long and short of it was:
Backlinks increased over 50% in 9 months, and our brand searches shot up 90%. The best part of this whole campaign is the total spend per month was $200 in Facebook Ads. We saw better results with $200 in Facebook Ads, than $1000 in a Vocus Membership.

The moral of the story is interact with your link targets in other mediums besides the stagnant Press Releases medium, and you’ll see results.