How to start an SEO campaign in a Competitive Niche

In my experience a lot of link hustle, and some good on-site SEO work can get you really far in a low to medium competition niche. However, in a higher competitive niche, abusing your way into the low hanging links from the usual suspects,

  • Free Blogs
  • Web 2.0 sites
  • Article Directory
  • RSS Directory
  • Web Directories
  • Social Sites
  • Video Sites

isn’t going to help you get ranked. So, setup a second layer of sites and place these in-between your links and your money site.

Here we go…

  1. This tactic should be drawn out over a 30 day period, as not to get you flagged by the algo.
  2. Go out and buy 200-300 domains, and register them with Moniker to hide the fact you own every site in your network.
  3. Some SEO Hosting companies, I have had good results with.
  4. Use the Contextual Targeting tool in Google Adwords to find related categories to your niche. Filter through the list to remove any obvious ones. Now, take your list of related categories and head on over and buy about 25 or so pieces of content.
  5. Set your blogs up with WordPress, and post up the articles you bought.
  6. When building out your link network, here are some basic things to do which will help your site look like a normal website.
    • Link to authority sites
    • Create an About Us page
    • Vary WP Themes
    • Do a logo
    • Backdate posts to make it look like the blog has been around for a while
    • Use images in posts
    • Schedule posts out into the future
    • Comment on your posts
Some Side Notes…
  • This isn’t the end of your SEO tactics but, this strategy will give your campaign a strong shot in the arm.
  • When setting up backlinks from article directories, I spin my purchased content using because, we all hate article directories, and I’m really only looking for IP diversity.
  • Link Farm Evolution is a great tool for managing blog content schedules.
  • For the love of G-d don’t interconnect your links.