How To Optimize Pay Per Click Cost Per Aquisition

Any decent Pay Per Click manager knows that having a campaign targeting brand terms has many benefits for many different reasons. Brand PPC campaigns protect your brand keywords from competitors, funnel traffic to the best landing pages, and provides your account’s cost per acquisition efficiencies that wouldn’t exist with non-brand only searches.

Providing efficiencies in the cost per acquisition metric is an important facet of brand keyword bidding, and in order to optimize an account’s cost per acquisition, these brand efficiencies need to be quantified. Identifying the brand’s correlation to the account’s total cost per acquisition will enable an account manager to set two different cost per acquisition goals for the brand and non-brand campaigns, in order to attain an account level cost per acquisition goal.

Breaking down this data can be time intensive, so I created a helpful tool that will calculate the data for you. Based on the cost per acquisition data entered, the tool will break down the percentage of the brand/non-brand to the total cost per acquisition metric. By entering a target account level cost per acquisition, the tool will calculate the CPA for the brand and non-brand at that particular CPA level.

Since the tool’s equations makes certain assumptions about brand & non-brand conversion traffic levels, and inputting a couple months of data is recommended.

To Use The CPA Tool, Click Here 

The tool will hopefully help save some time, and should help view the account’s data from a different perspective when focusing on optimizing cost per acquisition.