Update Facebook from Google+

With the roll-out of Google+ over the last week, it has become a chore to update all of your social profiles. You know that all of your friends want to know your current random thoughts, just as much as the population of your Google Circles. But, keeping your adoring fans happy with all of your favorite cat videos is getting time consuming.

Well those wishing to streamline their social media updating, there is now an answer. Facebook uses a little known feature that allows you to update your status by email.

Steps to setup Facebook updating from Google+

1.) Go to Facebook’s mobile setup page. You should see a graphic with an email address, that looks like the image below.

2.) This email address allows you to update your own personal Facebook account with photos, text, etc.
3.) Go to your Google+ account and create a new circle and name it something like Facebook Update. Add your Facebook mobile email address to this circle.
4.) When you update your Google+ status be sure to include your Facebook Update circle in the Sharing Options.

And that’s it. You can now update your Facebook status from your Google+ account. I have just single-handedly increased US productivity to pre-Google+ levels.