Image Ads on Google Search

You thought Google search was all about text ads. Even thinking that advertising on Google search with an image ad blows your little search marketer mind. Well, I have news for you…you can.

Google Image Search allows you to advertise image ads, in a particular format that includes ad copy and an image. The ad is even triggered by keywords like a regular search ad, using all the regular match types. This type of ad platform works great for branding campaigns, as well as for advertisers in the retail and travel industry. If I want to see a picture of the shoes I’m thinking of buying, I’ll do a Google Image Search. Or, I want to see pictures of the place I’m going to visit next weekend.

How to setup a Google Image Search campaign:

  1. Create a new campaign, which will only be for your image search ads.
  2. I would recommend starting with your search brand campaigns, and copying over the keyword hierarchy into the new campaign. Don’t copy over text ads.
  3. Make sure the campaign is on the Search network only.
  4. Starting with your first ad group in the new campaign, move to the Ads tab.
  5. Click on the “New Ad” button which is under the graph on the left hand side. Drop down will open, and click on Display Ad Builder.
  6. This window will show all of the display ad templates. On the left hand side under the Media and Channels header, you should see the link that says “Image Search”
  7. Click that link to create your Image Search Ad. The ad copy parameters are the same as a search ad, so I would recommend copying the text from you better performing ad. Include a 160 x 160 image, and you are ready to go.
Make sure you don’t include any regular text ads in your Image Search Campaign, or your ads will start to show in the regular Google Search.
This is a great way to capture some more brand traffic, as well as expand your reach with current search campaigns.