Creating An Effective Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook display advertising has proved to be a different animal for online marketers. While Facebook advertising can be run on a cost-per-click basis, managing a Facebook ad campaign like an Adwords account would only result in failure. Its a different type of interaction with the audience, and needs to be treated as such. Interruption advertising, and forced conversions is what Facebook ads are all about.

Successful Facebook Advertising in 5 Easy Steps

1.) Start all new campaigns on a CPC basis. In my experience Facebook will put CPM ads in the most visible spot, and if your ad hasn’t proved itself to perform, you can get a very dismal performance. So always start on a cpc basis. I always start my ads at Facebook’s lowest default cost-per-click, which is .60. If you notice very low traffic volume, bump it up by 10-20 cents.

2.) Choose imagery that catches the eye. That means bright colors, and weird pictures that cause you to say “WTF?”. In my experience, I have found that the best performing ads have the craziest images, and usually have nothing to do with the actual product being advertised. People like weird images, and can’t help clicking.

3.) The most successful ad copy are the following; very short copy that is less than a couple words, copy that asks a question, or copy that takes up the maximum characters, provide the best CTR.

4.) The reason tip #2 works is because the demographic targeting is done correctly. By targeting your core audience, your ad will drive the clicks, and your landing page will drive the “Likes”. Facebook has two types of interest targeting features; precise targeting (keyword-esk) & broad targeting. I like to start my new campaigns on a broad category basis, and widdle them down to more niche campaigns based on results over time.

5.) The other main factor in this formula for success is a “reveal” landing page. The “reveal” page is your best landing page for Facebook ads. Don’t even attempt a Facebook campaign without a “reveal” page. The “Reveal” is a page within your facebook profile that shows different content depending if the visitor is a fan or not. This allows you to create a page that requests your visitors to “Like” the page in order to get access to some valuable content, sign-up for a contest, etc.

Smirnoff’s Facebook Reveal Page

That is the formula for success in Facebook display advertising. Used wisely this will allow you to develop an audience at a high rate, at a very low cost. The daily management involves adding new images (which you should bid at a higher cpc than current ads), dissecting demographic reports, and watching for low performing ads to pause.

Below is the metrics for a current Facebook campaign I manage, and as you can see the results have been great using these simple tactics. The account is producing “Likes” at under a dollar, CTR is almost .19% (anything above .1% lowers cpc), and cost per click is at .21 cents.

Next Facebook post will be about how to keep that newly purchased audience engaged, and converting.